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West India New Sailing Service LLP, Ltd. has set up a public overseas warehouse in Mumbai, India, with an area of 11,000 square meters. In 2017, it achieved a transaction volume of US$66 million, ranking first in the province's provincial cross-border e-commerce public overseas warehouse. Its overseas warehouse functions are perfect, covering warehousing, product display, customs clearance, logistics and distribution, after-sales service, online and offline promotion, and Sino-Indian trade services. Over the years, we have been deeply cultivating the Indian market, forming a stable branding channel, and providing better, convenient and safe services for warehousing companies.

Before November 2017, Wang Xiaodong, deputy governor of the province, led a delegation to visit India. He conducted an investigation into the overseas warehouse of New Sailing and made important instructions and clear requirements. In December 2017, Zhangzhou New Sailing began to construct the Hebei Commodity (India) Exhibition Center, which covers an area of 5,500 square meters and integrates various functions such as merchandise display, office and small meeting. Among them, two floors of about 320 square meters are separately constructed.

Meetings and Chinese specialties; the commercial photo display area is about 500 square meters; the small special exhibition area is about 300 square meters; the mechanical display area is 1500 square meters; and the small conference area is more than 300 square meters. The combination of various functions of the center can meet the multi-faceted needs of customers. The infrastructure is completed in May 2018 and put into use in June.


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